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How To Use Your Device


Turn On & Off

  1. Turn the knob from “OFF” to “1”, the hearing aid is turned on.

  2. Choose one of the three different sizes of ear tips that suits you and fit it to the sound outlet of the hearing aid.

  3. Adjust the volume knob to the appropriate position.

  4. Fit the hearing aid ear tips deeply within your ear canal until it is stable.

  5. When removing it after use, gently remove the ear tips by pulling on the line.

  6. After use, turn the knob to the “OFF” position.

  7. If the power is too low to work, please put the hearing aid in the charging case to charge.

❈ Notice: Please turn off the hearing aid when charging


Charging the charging case: When the USB cable connected to the power adapter is inserted into the USB port of the charging case, the screen of the charging case lights up.

When the blue light in the battery icon marked “Case” is on, it indicates the status as follows:

When the blue light blinks, the case is charging;

When the blue light is all lit and stops blinking, the case has completed charging.


Changing the Volume

Your devices have three volumes, ranging from different amplifications. To go from one volume to the next, turn the knob for volume control.