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Revolutionizing the Hearing Aids Experience

Re-Defining The Hearing Aids Experience

Ceretone Core One provides direct accessibility to those with mild to moderate hearing loss, and no prescription needed. No need for the hassle of scheduling appointments. Say farewell to awkwardness and discomfort!

Goes Unnoticed by Everyone, Including You

Weighing less than 1 g, you'll hardly notice you are wearing the Core One.Our patented micro-chip allows for a discreet and comfortable fit in the ear canal, making it barely invisible and providing a feeling less experience for all-day wear.

Hear What You Are Meant To Hear

Featuring dynamic drivers, Core One automatically reduces noise for consistent clarity and stable sound quality, allowing you to focus on conversations and important sounds without unnecessary distractions.

Experience True-to-Life Sound Quality

Core One provides clear and natural sound without unnecessary amplification. Its powerful chip set enhances voice clarity. Core One adapts to your environment, seamlessly switching between programs for effortless conversations. Enjoy comfortable and natural sound with Core One, optimizing your communication and overall hearing experience.

Long-lasting Performance For The Full Day

A single charge provides up to 13 hours of efficient battery life, ensuring uninterrupted use throughout your day. The charging box offers an impressive 78 hours of hearing enhancement time for a single hearing aid, allowing you to communicate worry-free.

Confidence In Any Situation

Core One is designed to withstand hose-directed water or rain snow and ensures reliable performance even in wet conditions. Enjoy your daily activities without worrying about water damage affecting your hearing aids.

Safety And Enhanced Communication For Sports

Hearing loss shouldn't keep you from keeping fit or having sports fun. The Core One allows you to hear better thus you will be more aware of the surrounding sand less likely to be injured, and you will also communicate much easier with your teammates.

Smart APP Control

Core One is pre-programed for different background environments including standard and restaurant. By switching different programs on the APP, you can easily set up the hearing aid for your hearing preferences, allowing you to enjoy a more convenient life style.

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