Ceretone Beacon hearing aids available over the counter
rose gold nearly invisible ear machine Ceretone Beacon
Ceretone Beacon hearing aids available over the counter
rose gold nearly invisible ear machine Ceretone Beacon
Ceretone Beacon hearing aids available over the counter
rose gold nearly invisible ear machine Ceretone Beacon

Beacon OTC Hearing Aids

  • Personalized hearing, customized solution with self-fitting tech, no clinic visits needed.
  • High sound quality, with background noise reduction and feedback cancellation.
  • Bluetooth app, enjoy hands-free calls and music streaming on iOS and Android.
  • Long-lasting, up to 18 hours per charge, rechargeable with portable case.
  • Comfortable design, discreet RIC(receiver-in-canal) style for comfortable wear.
  • Flexible settings, 3 presets and 1 customizable mode for different situations.
  • IP65 waterproof, durable and protected against water and dust.
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Why is this model right for you?

Personalize Your Hearing
High Sound Quality
Directional Sound Focus
Rechargeable Batteries
Comfortable Wear
Multiple Programs
Continuous Support

Personalized Hearing, No Clinic Visits

With the Beacon mobile app, after a quick hearing test, auto personalize your device settings based on the generated report or your preferences for each ear.

Enjoy a tailored listening experience, all without clinic visits, unlike traditional hearing aids.

Professional Hearing Components , Superior Clarity

Beacon employs a professional hearing aid algorithm digital chip, incorporating noise reduction, wide-frequency dynamic compression, and feedback suppression algorithms to deliver highly faithful sound reproduction.

Enhanced with Knows speakers optimized for human voices, Beacon amplifies sound signals, enabling you to discern every speaker and capture every conversation.

Enjoy Music and Calls, Like Bluetooth Earphones

Effortlessly link with Android and iOS smartphones via Bluetooth for hands-free calls, music streaming. Plus, elevate your TV show audio experience without inconveniencing others, courtesy of our external TV signal transmitter.

Rediscover the pleasures of communication and entertainment.

Focus on what truly matters, amidst the noise

Beacon features dual digital microphones and sound localization algorithms, allowing you to select the direction of the sound you want to focus on within the app.

In noisy settings like dinner parties, bars, or restaurants, our speech in noise control, combined with sound direction, ensures clear conversations.

Experience Uninterrupted Sound

The hearing aids work up to 18 hours once fully charged, and the charging case provides 3 times for the hearing aids fully charged.

Up to 8 hours of continuous use with just a 15-minute charge, ensuring that your Beacon hearing aids are readily available whenever you need them. You don't need to worry about hearing aids running out of power suddenly resulting in impacting your daily anymore.

Relax and easy enjoy your all day

Beacon, weighing under 3 grams, is ergonomically designed to comfortably conceal behind your ear.

With multiple sizes of soft silicone ear tips, it molds seamlessly to your ear canal, ensuring all-day comfort

IP65 Water Rating, hearing is not restricted on rainy days

With IP65 water resistance, our product conquers rain and moisture for clear audio.

Enjoy worry-free music, calls, and media in any environment. Embrace freedom and convenience with Beacon's water resistance.

Easy To Use With 4 Preset Programs

To adapt comfortably to various environments, Beacon has categorized and preset three different scene modes based on the sounds in different settings: Standard, Denoise, and Outdoor.

Additionally, you can customize a mode to match your specific hearing needs. Wherever you are, blend into your surroundings and hear what matters to you.

What's in the box?

Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
Arya T

This is my first time using hearing aids, and I find them easy to operate, simple, and adjustable to different conditions.

Amari F

After trying several other brands, the Beacon hearing aids have finally provided my friend with the perfect solution for her hearing loss. The sound quality is exceptional.My friend love this gift.

Matteo T

Love them.

Carson K

These hearing aids have been a godsend for my sister. Being a busy professional, she needed something reliable and high-quality, and the Beacon hearing aids fit the bill perfectly. She appreciates how easy they are to use and maintain, and the rechargeable feature is incredibly convenient.

Malachi E

I totally think Beacon hearing aids are the bomb when it comes to bang for your buck! They've been super helpful for me. I can rock them for three days on a single charge, and they're so comfy to wear. Plus, I can use them as Bluetooth earbuds to jam out to tunes and watch videos, which is just mind-blowing for me.

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