How To Use Your Device

Turn On & Off

Remove devices from case to turn on

Place back on case to turn off

Turn ON:

Remove the hearing aids from the charging case - they will turn ON automatically (indicator lights flash blue)

The hearing aids enter into hearing aid mode automatically after being turned on.

Turn OFF:

Place the hearing aids back into the charging case - the lights will flash blue three times and the devices will shut off automatically and begin charging (if the case is sufficiently charged or plugged into a power source). The lights on the devices will be solid orange (indicating charging).


Bluetooth Connection

To connect via Bluetooth (first time pairing):

Remove BOTH Left & Right devices (both must be charged) from the Charging Case

Be sure Bluetooth is enabled on your phone. Go to the Bluetooth setting on your phone and select “Pair New Device” (wording on your particular phone may vary slightly)

Search for the Bluetooth identifier of your device (“Smart Buds”) and select it to pair (connect) - this may take up to 2 minutes

Be sure to accept any prompts given regarding connecting the device to your phone

After successful connection, the blue light on the device will flash once every six seconds instead of rapid blinking

Note: The above pairing only needs to be done one time with your phone. After that, as long as your phone is nearby and Bluetooth is enabled, the hearing aids will automatically reconnect when taken out of the charging case.

Bluetooth Disconnect:

There are 3 ways to disconnect Bluetooth

1. Turn OFF the devices by returning them to the Charging Case

2. Long press either the R or L buttons on the devices for 3 seconds (You will hear “Power Off” in your earpiece) to turn them off. Another 3 second long press will turn them back on (You will hear “Power On” in your earpiece)

3. Turn OFF Bluetooth on your phone. This will immediately disconnect your hearing aids from the phone. (You will hear “Disconnected” in your earpiece) In this case, to reconnect, simply turn Bluetooth back on in the phone.


Smart Key (R/L) Behavior

Single click: Play/Pause the song; Answer a phone call; End the call

Double click/Long press: Reject a call; change hearing modes when in hearing aid function

Triple click: Skip forward to next song



Hearing aid:

When charging the indicator lights will glow orange. After achieving full charge, they will glow green for one minute then shut off. Press the ON/OFF button to check on status if no indicator light is on.

Charging case:

The charging case will charge via the USB port on the bottom of the case. The rising bars (1 to 4) will indicate the level of charge in the case. Once charged, the case can be unplugged from power and used to recharge the hearing aids up to 3 times for portability.

Sound Profile Switching

You can cycle through the 4 Sound Profiles by doing a: short double-press of “ ” or “ OR long press of either the “ ” or “ ” button

Profile 1: Single Beep (♪) = Normal

Profile 2: Two Beeps (♪♪) = Noisy

Profile 3: Three Beeps (♪♪♪) = Indoor

Profile 4: Four Beeps (♪♪♪♪) = Outdoor

 Note: You only need to perform the operation on one of the devices to switch profiles.