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10 Steps for Starting with Hearing Aids

10 Steps for Starting with Hearing Aids

Dec 10, 2020

Horace Kim

Most people can learn to benefit from using hearing aids. How long it takes varies from person to person, depending on factors such as age, physical condition, level of hearing loss, and usage time in the first few weeks.  Most experts recommend at least 21 days of daily use in a variety of settings to allow your brain to fully acclimate.

Step 1: Avoid extreme hearing situations (overly loud or complete silence)

Step 2: Slowly increase the time you wear your aids each day

Step 3: Learn to manage the sound levels in your devices

Step 4: Adapt your "listening skills" to using hearing aids

Step 5: Adjust to hearing your own voice in a new way

Step 6: Start with one-on-one conversations in quiet settings

Step 7: Start to participate in (small) group conversations again

Step 8: Practice listening in gradually noisier environments again
Step 9: Try new places such as public buildings and outdoor areas

Step 10: Be prepared for an initial learning curve - it's OK to stumble a bit at first; a bit of frustration from all of the above is to be expected

Final advice
Getting used to a new hearing method like a hearing aid takes time. Despite the challenge and the practice it takes to get there, it's a journey that will be rewarding and effortless sooner than you expect.  Besides the health benefits related to staving off cognitive decline, reclaiming your hearing will bring you joy in being able to communicate and connect once again to the world around you.